Off to work we go!

Death and taxes, those are the only two things in life said to be certain. Canadians can add working longer to that list. This new article from Statistics Canada discusses the impact of an aging population on labour force participation.

Key Informant Interviews

Key informant interviews are wrapping up and there is lots of information to share! A report will be coming out this Fall highlighting the findings. Take a look at what interviewees had to say about defining precarious employment:

I think there are a lot of things that can make employment precarious, it’s not just about the money (Interviewee 2).

We have people working part-time and temporary jobs and people working minimum wage… in any of those conditions they may be unable to meet their financial commitments. We have a difference between voluntary and perhaps mandatory, or more circumstantial PE (Interviewee 3).

It doesn’t seem to matter where I go, if I’m talking to my local Ontario Employment Service provider or literacy and basic skills people…precarious precarious, precarious comes up (Interviewee 7).

Wondering about Women

This year’s Wonder Woman movie made me think about women in the world of film. Reflecting on their continued battle in that industry had me consider in a new way how women relate to precarious employment in Ontario. So far, our work tells us that more women than men in Ontario work term or contact jobs, more women than men in Ontario work involuntary part-time jobs, and more women than men in Ontario work low-wage jobs. I wonder why.