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We are also interested in your own experience or perception of employment precariousness in rural Ontario. Contact us to share your story.


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In non-metro Ontario, workers with lower levels of educational attainment are more likely to work precariously, according to our indicators. The general trend is that those with higher education levels have a higher incidence for the involuntary part-time, low-wage, and self-employed (unincorporated with no paid help) indicators (with some outliers). The exception is for fixed-term … Continue reading Education

Making Work

Agriculture is commonly brought up as the example of seasonal work that is precarious. I think if it’s seasonal, people have that work but they have nothing to transition to or bridge them to the next season (Interviewee 10). Retail, tourism, and hospitality are also recognized by interviewees as providing almost uniquely, precarious employment. Manufacturing, … Continue reading Making Work

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